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The core around which all distributions are built is the Linux kernel.

It is the layer between the user programs and the system hardware. Gentoo provides its users several possible kernel sources. A full listing with description is available at the Kernel overview page. Choose an appropriate kernel source and install it using emerge :. We explain the manual configuration as the default choice here as it is the best way to optimize an environment. Manually configuring a kernel is often seen as the most difficult procedure a Linux user ever has to perform.

However, one thing is true: it is vital to know the system when a kernel is configured manually. Another source of system information is to run lsmod to see what kernel modules the installation CD uses as it might provide a nice hint on what to enable. Now go to the kernel source directory and execute make menuconfig. This will fire up menu-driven configuration screen.

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The Linux kernel configuration has many, many sections. We also have a Gentoo kernel configuration guide on the Gentoo wiki that might help out further. Make sure that every driver that is vital to the booting of the system such as SCSI controller, etc. Next select the exact processor type. It is also recommended to enable MCE features if available so that users are able to be notified of any hardware problems. Now go to File Systems and select support for the filesystems you use. With the configuration now done, it is time to compile and install the kernel.

Exit the configuration and start the compilation process:.

This is handled by the make install command:. In certain cases it is necessary to build an initramfs - an initial ram-based file system. With an initramfs, these partitions can be mounted using the tools available inside the initramfs. Without an initramfs, there is a huge risk that the system will not boot up properly as the tools that are responsible for mounting the file systems need information that resides on those file systems.

How it works?

An initramfs will pull in the necessary files into an archive which is used right after the kernel boots, but before the control is handed over to the init tool. Scripts on the initramfs will then make sure that the partitions are properly mounted before the system continues booting. See genkernel --help for more information. The resulting file can be found by simply listing the files starting with initramfs :. If a manual configuration looks too daunting, then using genkernel is recommended.

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  • It will configure and build the kernel automatically. This means that when genkernel is used to build the kernel, the system will generally detect all hardware at boot-time, just like the installation CD does. This would make the entry in the file look like so:.

    Now, compile the kernel sources by running genkernel all. Be aware though, as genkernel compiles a kernel that supports almost all hardware, this compilation will take quite a while to finish!

    Once genkernel completes, a kernel, full set of modules and initial ram disk initramfs will be created. We will use the kernel and initrd when configuring a boot loader later in this document.

    Write down the names of the kernel and initrd as this information is used when the boot loader configuration file is edited. The initrd will be started immediately after booting to perform hardware autodetection just like on the installation CD before the "real" system starts up.

    To view all available modules, run the following find command. For instance, to automatically load the 3c59x.

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    The actual file name is insignificant to the loader. Continue the installation with Configuring the system.

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    Some drivers require additional firmware to be installed on the system before they work. This is often the case for network interfaces, especially wireless network interfaces.

    Also, modern video chips, from vendors like AMD, NVidia, and Intel when using open source drivers, often need external firmware files. Configuring the Linux kernel From Gentoo Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Other languages:. Note In multi-core systems, each core counts as one processor.

    Note It is possible to enable parallel builds using make -jX with X being an integer number of parallel tasks that the build process is allowed to launch.

    Users of LVM2 will probably want to add --lvm as an argument as well. Note Hardware modules are optional to be listed manually.

    However, it is not harmful for automatically detected modules to be listed. Sometimes exotic hardware requires help to load their drivers. About the installation. Choosing the media. Configuring the network. Preparing the disks. Installing stage3.

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    Installing base system. Configuring the system. Installing tools. Configuring the bootloader. Portage introduction. Portage features.

    Initscript system. Environment variables. Files and directories.

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  • Mixing software branches. Additional tools. Custom package repository. Advanced features. Getting started.

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    Advanced configuration. Modular networking. Adding functionality. Dynamic management.